Freebet Bonus
  1. The bonus provides you a freebet bonus of 500MT.
  2. The maximum freebet amount is MZN 500.
  3. The freebet promotion starts on the 5th of November 2021.
  4. To activate or qualify for the bonus, every weekend between Friday 00:00 hours and Sunday 23:59 hours, a player shall be required to put in bets of at least MZN 1,000 with tickets having total odds of 3.0 or greater.
  5. Once you qualify for the bonus, on Monday the bonus shall be applied on your wallet of MZN 500.
  6. Funds available in the bonus account are not withdrawable i.e., you cannot withdraw the money provided in the bonus account.
  7. To access your bonus into real money, the full worth of the bonus must be staked (single bets or multiple bets) on any sports market with total odds 3.00 or greater per ticket (excluding any split column bets & combination, split column & combination bets will not count towards bonus wagering requirements), and the bets settled, before the bonus is awarded. It is not necessary to stake the full bonus amount in one bet.
  8. The Freebet Bonus amount remains non-withdrawable until it has been wagered a minimum of 10 times on any sports market with odds 3.00 or greater. Example: Your freebet of MZN 500 Bonus. You will have to play a total of MZN 5,000 with overall odds of 3.00 or higher before it can be withdrawn.
  9. Freebet bonus value in the bonus account will be credited as real money after the requirements have been reached (see requirements for details of contributing and non-contributing bets). E.g., The freebet of MZN 500 and you turn it over based on point 8 above you shall only get MZN 500 turned into real money not any other amount.
  10. If the turnover requirements are not met within 15 days since the bonus activation, then the bonus balance will be forfeited. NOTE: The PAUSE BONUS feature is not an avenue for extending the validity period, however this allows you place a bet from your real money account whenever you want.
  11. Other than the multiplier bonus on sportsbook, you cannot have multiple bonus programs activated at any one time. To activate another bonus program, the current bonus needs to be completed or expired.
  12. The sportsbook multiplier bonus will be given regardless of whether the freebet bonus is activated or not.
  13. We will refer to contributing bets as bets that are counted towards meeting the turnover requirements. Non-contributing bets do not count towards meeting the requirements.
  14. Split column bets are non-contributing.
  15. Combination bets are non-contributing.
  16. Bets must have a minimum total odd of 3 and over to be contributing.
  17. Bets will only contribute to the requirements once all the results are in and all the bet slip is settled.
  18. In the unlikely event that a bet is re-opened, the operator reserves the right to specify the total contribution amount from that bet.
  19. Voided bets, cancelled bets and bets that have been cashed out are non-contributing.
  20. Bet containing events finishing after the bonus expiry date will not be contributing.
  21. Selections whose results are voided, half-won or half-lost are not added to the contribution criteria of that bet. For example, if a Draw-No-Bet is placed and a stake is given back due to a draw, such selection will not be counted. Nevertheless, if the other selections do meet the criteria, then the odd is contributing.
  22. The contribution on won bets is only added after confirming that the contributing criteria are still valid and have not changed since the placement time.
  23. Any bet with a similar set of events placed previously in another bet will not be eligible.
  24. If evidence of a breach of the promotion rules is verified, or the operator deems that the bets placed guarantee customer winning regardless of the results of events, the operator reserves the right to forfeit the bonus amount from the offer.
  25. In the unlikely event that bonus money has been released prior to a reopening of events; the operator reserves the right to reclaim the released bonus amount.
  26. Promotional offers are limited to per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g., MPESA/EMOLA etc), and shared computer, e.g., public library or workplace. The operator reserves the right to forfeit the offer availability if the player is deemed to have already participated in the promotion.
  27. The operator reserves the right to stop the offer to any customer or group of customers at any time and at the operator’s sole and absolute discretion.
  28. The operator reserves the right to stop the offer to any customer or group of customers at any time and at the operator’s sole and absolute discretion. This will also consider users who have been found attempting to defraud the bonus system.
  29. Offers only apply to online customers. Customer registered through or managed by retail outlets cannot apply for the bonus.
  30. The operator reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim, or refuse any promotion at its own discretion.
  31. The promotion is currently never-ending.